What We Offer

With more than 27 years of successful operation as an independently owned store in a world dominated by the big chain stores, Bob's Tropical Fish is the ultimate destination for freshwater, saltwater and pond fish, aquariums, aquarium supplies and equipment, fish foods and medications and pond supplies and equipment. In addition to carrying the premiere brands in the industry, Bob's friendly staff has more than 200 years experience with tropical and pond fish and staff members are constantly taught the latest in fish care and technology by store founder Bob Hockman.

Freshwater Fish

  • More than 250 freshwater tanks with more than 6,500 gallons of water
  • Many varieties of Tetras, Mollies, Gouramis, South African Cichlids.
  • Oddball fish such as Flowerhorns, Gars and Freshwater Barracuda
  • Exotic fish like Discus and Angels
  • African Cichlids from Lakes Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria
  • Different varieties of Julis, Calvas, Compressiceps, Shell Dwellers, Busheri and Buffalo Heads.
  • Large assortment of Mbuna and Peacocks.

Saltwater Fish

  • 2000 gallons of saltwater aquariums with more than 100 different varieties of fish and inverts
  • Everything from Nemo to Purple Tangs, Clown Triggers, Naso Tangs, Lookdowns, Cortez Rays and Sharks.
  • Wide selection of corals including Ricordia, Acropora, Frags, Duncan Polyps and many varieties of mushrooms.
  • Reef additives from Brightwell, Sera, Seachern and Kent.
  • HQI Lighting from Marineland
  • T5 reef lighting from Wave Point
  • Protein Skimmers from Reef Octopus.

Pond Fish

  • 1,800 gallons of water with many varieties of Comets, Fantails and Koi.
  • Lilies, lotus and other pond plants
  • Complete line of Atlantic Pumps, skimmers and filter falls
  • Pondmaster by Danner pumps and filters
  • Tetra Pond Foods and Mazuri Koi Food in bulk
  • UV filters from Danner, Tetra and Emporer to eliminate green water
  • 45mil EPDM rubber liner
  • Microbe Lift and Green Clean to maintain a good and healthy pond

Aquariums, Equipment, Food

  • Full line of Marineland Power Filters and Cannister Filters
  • Perfecto Glass Aqauriums
  • Sera Foods and Tetra Foods
  • Specialty foods froom Xtreme, Spectrum and PrettyBird
  • We also carry turtle supplies

If you don't see what you want, ask any of the staff at Bob's for special order items. Bob has established relationships with the premiere manufacturers and distributors in the industry and can source most any item you need for fishkeeping of any kind.