Sera Fish Care

Bob's Tropical Fish carries a wide variety of Sera products to meet every enthusiast needs.

Sera fish food provides nature-like nutrition of excellent quality for your ornamental fish. Sera uses only the best ingredients to manufacture Sera foods. The meticulous processing ensures the consistent, high product quality. The natural herbs do not only contain many healthy elements, but they give the food an especially tasty and appetizing flavor for the fish. With the careful freeze-drying process (FD), it absolutely ensures the food free of parasites.

Fish Food

Bob's Tropical Fish carries complete line of Sera Fish FoodsSera San - the "breakfast meal" with spirulina, natural carotene and added vitamins

Sera Flora - the herbal diet with valuable amino acids and many vitamins. Gets the fish's metabolism going

Sera FD Artemia Shrimps - especially tender and rich in carotene - enhances color and readiness to spawn

Sera FD Mixpur - the "muesli (granola)" of the specialties - just the best of everything

Sera Vipan - the easily digestible meal from more than 40 natural raw ingredients rich in vitamins

Sera Granumix - a balanced granulated meal made from more than 40 natural raw ingredients. suitable for the daily feeding of all ornamental fish

Sera Premium Discus Granules - granulated food in premium quality for the nutrition of discus and other particular ornamental fish according to their requirements

Sera GVG-mix - valuable food flakes with powerful "side dishes" such as bloodworms, brine shrimps and daphnia

Sera Viformo - tablet food made from Sera vipan and Sera flora - a meal with many herbal "side dishes"

Sera Cichlid Sticks - powerful sticks for robust, colorful ornamental fish (without artificial colorants)

Sera Diskus Flakes - an excellent meal for discus and other fish having a "sweet tooth" (without artificial colorants)

Sera Premium Plankton Tabs - the delicacy tablet food with a high content of herbs in a carefully processed natural plankton, for all freshwater and marine fish

Sera Premium Spirulina 20% Tabs - herbal tablet food in premium quality - with a full 20% spirulina. The healthy diet for all herbivore fish, e.g., sucker mouth catfish and East African cichlid

Sera FD Krill - a powerful food, especially rich in protein - for robust, healthy ornamental fish and for breeding

Sera FD Rote Mückenlarven - bloodworms, the food specialty for the gourmet They are a varied nutrition of all ornamental fish

Sera FD Tubifex - a highly nutritious and powerful food. Rich in proteins the special snack for your fish

Sera O-Nip - tasty tablet food from high quality flakes and FD food animals. It baits even the shyest fish into your view

Sera FD Daphnien - daphnia, the adequate side dish, rich in ballast substances, minerals and protein

Sera Marin - flake food with freeze dried tasty morsels. Marine fish require much more iodine and other minerals than freshwater fish

Sera Goldy - flake food for the daily feeding of all gold and coldwater fish

Sera Micron - a fine powdered food for all egg layers, tadpoles, marine fish fry and artemia nauplias

Sera Mikropan - a special rearing food for all fry of live-bearing species and mouth brooders

Water Conditioner

Bob's Tropical Fish offers full line of Sera Water ConditionersSera Aqutan - provides the complete protection for all ornamental fish in freshwater and saltwater aquaria

Sera Morena - a water conditioner with natural peat extracts, trace elements, vitamins and humic acids

Sera Nitrivec - a special mixture from different bacterial cultures that in a very short time, develop a natural micro life and consequently, a functioning nitrogen cycle in the freshwater aquarium

Sera Floredepot - long term gravel substrate for freshwater aquaria

Sera Florena - complete liquid fertilizer with minerals and trace elements for all water plants

Sera Florenette A - a complete iron and mineral fertilizer in tablet form

Sera pH-Plus - water conditioner for the safe adjustment of the pH-value

Sera kH-Plus - water conditioner for the safe increase of the carbonate hardness

Sera pH-Minus - water conditioner for the safe reduction of the pH-value in a freshwater aquaria

Sera Premium Sea Salt - a natural mixture of chemically pure salts

Sera Marinvit-plus - nutrient complex for sea algae, shrimps and invertebrates in saltwater aquaria

Sera Aqupond - the complete protection for all fish in garden ponds

Sera Cyprinopur - pond water treatment against dropsy, spring viruses and Erythrodermatitis in fish

Sera Omnisan - water treatment against fungus and parasites in garden ponds

Sera Pondclear - pond water treatment against all kinds of algae

Sera Pondmorena - biological peat concentrate for the prevention of green water and other algae in garden ponds

Sera Pond Peat Granulate - pond water treatment for iological prevention and combat of algae in garden ponds

Sera Florenette T - complete mineral fertilizer for healthy pond plants

Water Treatment

Sera Water Treatment Products at Bob's Tropical FishSera Costapur - for decades, this remedy has successfully been used to treat Ichthyophthirius (white spots), Costia (skin and gill parasites) and Chilodonella (skin parasites) in fresh and saltwater tanks

Sera Mycopur - a remedy against fungus (Saprolegnia and Achlya) and skin and gill flukes in freshwater aquaria. Sera mycopur can also be used as a preventative against spawn fungus

Sera Ectopur - preparation to prevent and combat ectoparasites and fungus in fresh and saltwater

Sera Oodinopur A - remedy against Oodinium pillularis (frequently affected are live-bearing and egg-laying tooth carps and butterfly cichlids = rams) in freshwater and Oodinium ocellatum in saltwater

Sera Baktopur - a newly developed remedy against mouth and fin rot and bacterial infections in freshwater aquaria

Sera Activant - is a combination of numerous vitamins and trace elements in tablet form that enhances the colors and improves the well being of all fish in fresh and saltwater aquaria and garden ponds, prevents deficiencies, helps with acclimatization of newly introduced fish, increases disease resistance of coldwater fish during hibernation

Sera Fishamin - is a liquid multi-vitamin preparation that can be added directly to fresh and saltwater aquariums and garden ponds to strengthen stressed and recovering fish, breeding fish and to improve the conditions of pond fish in late autumn

Sera Snailpur - preparation to combat snails, hydra and disk worms in freshwater aquaria

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